Rest easy with our tested delivery and our Guarantee Against Breakages

We've researched the best way to send you a gingerbread house kit, and we're continually refining our packaging processes. If a gingerbread house kit reaches you with pieces missing or broken, then you're covered by our Guarantee Against Breakages.

It may not have crossed your mind, but the biggest risk in ordering a gingerbread house kit over the internet is that some or even all of the pieces in the kit will break during delivery!

We learned this the hard way. During our first trial delivery, four out of five of the gingerbread house kits we sent across the country arrived with at least one piece breaking during transport – that’s a breakage rate of 80%!

It was only after Michael’s careful input and continued testing that we managed to improve the packaging and delivery method. With an experienced baker on board we managed to reduce the breakage rate on each subsequent trial, first to 40%, then to 20%, etc.

Now we make it our mission to deliver each gingerbread house kit to you 100% intact. If any part of the kit is broken during delivery, then it is covered by our Guarantee Against Breakages.

The terms of our Guarantee are listed below:

If the breakage occurs on a smaller piece, such as an end piece or a chimney piece, then we can send you a replacement for that individual piece. We find that this is usually not a problem, because Nada gingerbread has a long shelf life, generally around 6 weeks.

If the breakage occurs on a main structural piece, including the rectangular walls or roof pieces, then we can arrange to send you a full replacement for the gingerbread house kit.

We reserve the right, if delivery proves too difficult, and we experience breakage in more than one parcel that we send to you (perhaps due to a complex rural delivery, or for any other reason), to simply refund you the money you paid upfront instead of a replacement.

This Guarantee does not include superficial damage to the box. Sometimes, due to the nature of courier transport, damage to the box may occur during freight.

To activate our Guarantee, you must send a picture of the broken piece(s) attached as an email to within two weeks of delivery. The pieces must still be wrapped in their individual film so that we can see the product has not been opened. (We seal the pieces individually for transport, but the seal is transparent, so you can see any damage that’s inside.)

Please note that replacements during peak times may take some time to process. We will work with you as far as possible to ensure that the replacement reaches you quickly and efficiently, but please accept that breakages are sometimes a part of the process.

After all, it’s the quality of your Christmas that’s at stake!